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MedWave uses Narrow Light Therapy to direct specific wavelengths at cells, enhancing health from cellular renewal to overall revitalization. Treat larger areas of the body at once, reducing the number of visits needed. Experience quicker and more efficient fat loss with our advanced device. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a slimmer you!

Narrow Light Technology

MedWave™ uses proprietary Narrow Light Technology™ achieving up to a 3 inch reduction around the waist hips and thighs.

How Does MedWave Work?

MedWave targets fat cells with Narrow Light Technology. Once exposed, the cells release stored fat contents, which can then be used as energy or eliminated from the body.

Unlike invasive procedures or treatments that rely on heat or freezing, red light therapy targets fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. It’s a gentle yet effective approach to fat loss and patients report having a great experience with each treatment!

What makes MedWave different?

MedWave’s technology emits more light energy than similar devices, resulting in the highest amount of energy concentrated in fat cells. This delivers maximum results to patients.


Consistency is key. Regular sessions, combined with a balanced diet and exercise, can yield the best results.


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